Welcome, Project Participant!


In order to upload your files to our DREAMHOST server, you will need an ftp transfer application. we recommend Filezilla since it is free, open-source software.

You can download Filezilla here: download

If your download does not begin automatically, click here and select to download the latest version.


Install Filezilla

Select Run from each of these security warnings if they appear.

Click Next throughout the following steps until the sofware is installed on your machine


Once you have installed Filezilla, you will need to run the application. This can be found in at least one of the following three places:

- Desktop Shortcut

- Start Menu >> Programs >> Filezilla

- C:\Program Files\Filezilla\Filezilla.exe


The Filezilla application looks like this:



You must then log on to our server with the following details:


Click Quickconnect.


Copying files across

Once you have logged on to the server, your own machine is shown on the left hand side as shown here:

The server data is shown on the right hand side as shown here:

You must then drag and drop your items from 'your side' to the 'server side'.


Uploading can take a long time (particularly with video files) since the file sizes are often very large.

Remember, if you are having problems, you can email info@devolvingdiasporas.com for support.




all enquiries: info@devolvingdiasporas.com


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