Diasporic Scotland: Writing and Performance

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Suhayl Saadi, ‘Face-to-Face: Different Visions, Common Voices’
A speech given at the opening ceremony of the multicultural Pollokshields Writers’ Group’s text-image exhibition, ‘Face-to-Face: Different Visions, Common Voices’ in June 2000

Discover the scope and variety of diasporic writing and performance in Scotland...

The Database

This database provides information about diasporic arts within Central Scotland from 1980 to the present day, cataloguing the work of writers and performers who have connections to South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Designed for researchers, general readers, students and teachers, it is an interactive resource on Scotland, the arts and diaspora. Find out more about prize-winning publications, pamphlets, cultural events, film and theatre productions in multicultural Scotland.

You can search the database in a variety of ways and browse the alphabetical listings under the following headings:

Printed item: learn details about novels, poetry, dramatic texts by diasporic writers with connections to South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Recorded items: learn details about films and recordings on multicultural Scotland.

Plays and performances: find out about diasporic dramatic work performed in Scotland.

Events and listings: find out about South Asian, African and Caribbean diasporic cultural events over the last thirty years.

People: discover the individuals producing diasporic arts in Scotland.

Organisations, Venues and Production companies: discover the organizations, venues and production companies that bring diasporic arts to audiences in Scotland

The database is part of the Devolving Diasporas AHRC project. The UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council supports a group of researchers from the Universities of Stirling and Newcastle interested in the relationships between reading, writing, location and migration in devolved contexts.


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